Wednesday, 02nd June 2021

Saudi Cement Co. announces the distribution of cash dividend for First half of 2021.

Introduction The Board of Directors of Saudi Cement Company has resolved during its meeting held on 21 Shawwal 1442 (02 June 2021), to distribute interim cash dividends to the shareholders for the first half of 2021 as to the following:
Date of the board’s decision 2021-06-02 Corresponding to 1442-10-21
The Total amount distributed SAR 229.50 Million
Number of Shares Eligible for Dividends 153 Million Shares
Dividend per share SAR 1.5
Percentage of Dividend to the Share Par Value (%) 15 %
Eligibility date The eligibility of Cash dividend shall be to shareholders who own the Company shares at the close of trading on Sunday 25 Shawwal 1442 (06 June 2021), and registered in the Company’s register at Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa) by the end of the second trading day following the eligibility date.
Distribution Date Payment of dividends shall commence by Riyad Bank on Wednesday 06 Dhu al-Qadah 1442 (16 June 2021), through direct transfer to shareholders bank accounts linked to their investment portfolios, and direct pay to shareholders without investment portfolios by presenting their national ID cards at counters of any Riyad Bank branches.