Thursday, 01st April 2021

Saudi Cement Company Announces the commencement of E-voting on the Agenda of the General Assembly Meeting (No. 62) (First Meeting).


Announcement Detail Saudi Cement Company is pleased to inform its respective shareholders that the electronic voting will be available on the agenda items of the General Assembly Meeting No.62 which will be held on Wednesday 7 April 2021 corresponding to 25 Sha`ban 1442 at 06:30 PM.

The shareholders who are registered in the Tadawulaty electronic trading services can remotely vote on the items of General Assembly Meeting’s agenda starting from 3 April 2021 corresponding to 21 Sha`ban 1442 at 10:00 AM. until 07:00 PM of the day of the General Assembly Meeting; knowing that the registration and voting are free of charge and will be available through the electronic voting service at (

Registration and attendance in the General Assembly Meeting will be by entering the Tadawulaty system, and voting on the assembly’s items will be limited to E-voting only.

We draw the attention of the shareholders that they can participate through sending their questions and inquiries regarding the agenda of the General Assembly Meeting via any of the channels listed below. The questions and inquiries will be received until the end of the meeting; and the shareholder is requested to include his or her ID as a condition to accept the questions and inquiries by contacting shareholders division through:


Direct No: 0138358170

Fax No: 013834309

Mobil No: 966539168715

Guide for electronic voting is attached.

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