Corporate Social Responsibility

Saudi Cement has a long-standing commitment towards the community, supporting many worthy causes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Company’s corporate culture encourages giving back, with many of its employees passionately volunteering for these initiatives.

Saudi Cement supports many of the Kingdom’s charity funds and specialist community organizations. It has contributed to a variety of health-related campaigns, including anti-smoking, drug prevention, cancer and diabetes awareness. Saudi Cement organizes hospital visits, presenting gifts to patients.  It also supports development work, such as Quranic learning, youth initiatives, charities for the disabled, and women’s empowerment. Saudi Cement demonstrates its commitment to family values by regularly sponsoring festivals and school carnivals that bring people together.

One of Saudi Cement’s major CSR initiatives was its participation in funding the construction of Trauma Center in Al-Hasa at the National Guard Hospital, donating SR 50,000,000. The facility is a significant enhancement to the hospital and a major part of the community’s health infrastructure. Download the presentation: Trauma Center – Specialized Medical Center (SMC) Al-Ahsa